Rally Circuito Masia Pelarda

You like to enjoy a day of testing in a real stretch of land? The Masia Pelarda circuits are born before the difficulty to find spaces where develop legally and safely motor vehicle activities in spaces off road.

Masia Pelarda is located in the municipal district of La Puebla de Valverde, Teruel, Spain, to only 20 km from the Capital Teruel with the services that this implies for health services and other such as mechanical or spare parts. Road communications of our establishment are very adequate, still the facilities to approximately 8 km from the Motorway A-23 exit nº100.

Path Length Rallye: 9,056 KM

Raid zone length end: 0.800 Km

Maximum Altitude: 1142 m

Minimum Altitude: 1089 m

Footprint: 511338.8 m2

In short, it is an ideal area to perform driving courses, exhibitions, trainings, and other activities testajes engine on earth in a safe manner, in a path that offers multiple escape routes in case of exceeding the limits of the vehicle or the pilot. Be a tour closed to the public involves avoiding dangerous situations that occur on public roads in spite of being closed to traffic.

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